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What Are Plantation Shutters?

If you are searching “What Are Plantation Shutters?” you’re likely considering your options for new window treatments.  A great replacement for blinds and window curtains are interior plantation shutters, these are today’s choice in window treatments, and are on top of the list for discriminating homeowners. Find out below what they are and how they are different from other blinds, and their advantages.

What are Plantation Shutters Exactly?

Plantation shutters are window treatments that are wood/faux wood louvers which are mounted into a frame that is itself solid. These louvers have been designed with a tilt rod that is hidden on the backside, but sometimes the shutter will have the tilt rod located in the middle.

The name “Plantation Shutters” originally named after the southern plantations. However, louvers that were used in the South was wider than your traditional shutters, and they were placed on the outside of the window. These were used for both, the appearance of the window and for keeping unwanted elements out by closing them, and they were also removable.

In the 1950’s California had a population boom, and they began building homes to have large glass windows, as the thermal efficiency back then had not yet became an issue. Homeowners had begun to want more of a view, and this was to be done by having larger windows made of glass. Then, shutter manufacturers introduced the public to the wide louvered shutters, which were to be a window covering that you installed inside the window. These were to contrast with the traditional shutters, and these wide louvers were referred to as California Shutters, and sometimes referred to as Plantation Shutters.

The plantation shutters gave people a choice of opening them for a view or closing them at night and any other time they wanted privacy. It did not take long for people to learn that the plantation shutters when closed help in keeping the heat of the sun out of the home. All through the Sun Belt, Texas, Arizona, and Florida the population was growing fast and the plantation shutters became popular. The name of the window covering (treatment) referred to as Plantation Shutters stood out, and they are still referred to today as Plantation Shutters. Today, this will generally mean that it is a wide louvered shutter that people use for interior window covering.

What’s a Traditional Shutter?

The traditional shutter is the older style which is a one and a one-quarter inch louvered shutter that has a three-quarter inch frame thickness. It had been popular in the country’s North-Eastern region, where most all windows were design to be small. They also made the Café height size of shutters for kitchen windows, all others were of full standard height. In the Northeast windows were usually designed to be smaller in size due to the glass not being very good for insulating. However, the appearance of the traditional shutters was visually appealing, and they worked well on the smaller windows.

Shutters vs. Blinds

Though shutters and blinds are a like in some of their characteristics, they are far from being a like. Whereas, one can control blinds for the amount of lighting and fresh air they want to let in, as do plantation shutters, on the other hand, blinds do not offer much in the way of insulation due to the materials use for making them.

Our interior shutter is durable and of the highest quality and were designed to give the maximum in energy savings. They have been constructed to reflect intense heat, keeping heat out in the summer months and in the winter months. Which in return keeps the utility bills lower, saving more money.

Plantation Shutters Have Their Advantages

Interior shutters are not at all hard to maintain. They only need wiping down using a damp cloth in order to have them appear new all the time. They give homeowners almost total control over the amount of lighting that is let in, over the amount of air flow that comes in, and the amount of privacy they have. In addition to all that, due to their classic design complementing the home decor it has become a favorite of both, homeowners and interior designers. The plantation shutters are produced by Eclipse Shutters and one can trust that the products they deliver is going to beautify the home. To show how confident we are that each product will provide years of enjoyment, all our products come with a 25-year warranty. All of this is only a part of the commitment we have of the quality of our products, as well as to all of our customers being completely satisfied.

Plantation Shutter Installation

If you have a home or business where you’d like to invest in plantation shutters in the Phoenix Valley, we are here to help!  With the best plantation shutter brands, wide selection of styles, colors, materials, and options for motorization and automation Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds is your go to source for window treatments.  We will come to your home or office for a free plantation shutter to discuss the style, type, and function of your new plantation shutters.  We always offer reliable installation quotes so there’s no surprises on the day of installation with hidden fees or surprises.

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