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Shutters VS Blinds – What’s The Difference

If you are looking for the difference between plantation shutters vs. blinds, this post should help!

What window treatments you pick for your windows will change the feel and look of your room. Making the right choice can be hard, and you want to be sure before you make the investment. Below are some things that need to be considered when you compare window treatments.

It’s great to know what is in when it comes to home design, but picking based on fashion may have a short-lived benefit. You should pick according to the personal dislikes and likes and search for features that are timeless and won’t go out of style. Before you compare the products, you want to keep some simple guidelines in mind.

  • Don’t settle. You will look at these coverings every day. So, choose quality products that will reflect your sense of style as well as personal taste.
  • Don’t cut corners for the investment. While saving money upfront seems like a good idea, quality installation and products will last longer and save money over the life of your home.
  • Ask for help. There are a lot of beautiful products out there that you don’t know about. A designer will be happy to talk to you about the options and show you new and fresh ideas.

Style Differences: Blinds vs Shutters

Blinds have multiple advantages for any style.

  • Blinds are great for smaller spaces and can be combined with a valance to create a traditional and homey feel in a very small room.
  • Blinds also come in fabulous colors and fabrics that add flair to vintage or retro designs.
  • Blinds come in many materials. Consider wood blinds for an earthy, chic feel or neutral tones for a modern, industrial feel.
  • Blinds can add straight, clean lines to the design and enhance the modern feel of your home.

Shutters add plenty of texture to your design.

  • Shutters may be painted to fit your area. Bright colors work great for a retro design and neutrals work great for modern and traditional designs.
  • Shutters can be mounted outside or inside your window frame. Consider inside mounting in a small room for maximum space.
  • Shutters can be made to fit your window in plantation or traditional styles. Plantation shutters are quite popular because the louvers are wide, and the light distribution is perfect.
  • Shutters may be sized to fit half your window or the whole window. Consider shutters on the bottom and fabric on top for extra texture and color. This is a great look for a country home or traditional den.

Lighting Differences: Blinds vs Shutters

Blinds and shutters have great options for making the most of light in your area. Consider vertical blinds in fabrics or wood for large sliding glass doors or windows. Fabric blinds will diffuse the light which gives you the advantage of privacy while you can enjoy the light that enters your home. Blinds offer the option of closing and opening during various parts of the day, or to your preference, depending on if you want more privacy and less light or the other way around.

Shutters also have the advantage of closing and opening louvers. You can have a divided design that will let you close and open the top and bottom louvers separately, which gives you more options. Closed shutters offer privacy and the sturdy nature of the shutters will let provide light blockage when they are closed which make them great for bedrooms.

Structure & Material Differences: Blinds vs Shutters

Architectural Details

Both blinds and shutters have a lot of texture when it comes to lines. There are a few differences to think about when you consider blinds vs shutters in your design.

  • Horizontal or vertical blinds are simple materials and colors which will add a clean and modern feel to your room.
  • Blinds will give you plenty of privacy, even if you are wanting lighter fabric window coverings or lighter curtains or. Combining your blinds with fabrics won’t compromise the design.
  • Blinds are less structured and will blend into your design if you don’t want the windows to be a focal feature.

Shutters have more structures than blinds.

  • Shutters can be made to fit any window and are a great way to add texture to odd shaped or hard to decorate windows.
  • Shutters will be a part of your room, instead of blending into the background. A colorful shutter cover over your window can make a great focal point.

Versatility Differences: Shutters vs Blinds

Is one more versatile than the other? Blinds vs Shutters:

  • It is important to remember that shutters are more architectural, so they will be more a part of the room. However, shutters may be painted to change the look of the room.
  • Changing the fabrics to combine with blinds make them quite versatile. Adding curtains or a valance can change the look of the whole room. They are well made, and properly installed blinds can be a big part of your design for years.

Call a designer and begin comparing products today. You will be happy that you did.

Cost Difference: Shutters vs Blinds

Shutters cost about $8,000 to install while blinds installation cost around $3,000.

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