Beautiful Soft Treatments for Windows in Scottsdale, Arizona

Soft treatments for your windows make your entire room look softer, more romantic and more elegant. Window coverings like Roman shades and draperies can change not only the way light enters your room but also the way the furnishings, wall coverings and carpet tie together with the windows. They can make ceilings look taller in a room that needs some height, or they can make a large room look more cozy. Many homeowners in Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert use soft window treatments to make their houses feel more like home.

At Bo Knows Shutters and Blinds, we can provide beautiful Roman shades and other soft treatments with or without shades, blinds or plantation shutters. Because we work individually with each client, we can create a custom design that will make your rooms look just the way you want them, with exactly the right amount of light being allowed in. You can count on us to provide exceptional customer service from your first consultation to your final installation.

Scottsdale Soft Treatment Installation

Bo Knows Blinds works with well-known brands, including Horizon Window Fashions, to bring you the best Roman shades and other top treatments that you need for your windows. Some of the products that we can install in your Arizona home include:

 Roman Shades
Roman shades window treatments provide excellent sun control while also looking soft and smooth. Unlike regular shades or blinds, they are smooth when closed; when they’re open, the fabric stacks up in soft billows. Roman shades are beautiful in a dining room, living room or bedroom.

Draperies encompass different types of long curtains. These can be hung directly under the cornices to make a room look taller, or inside the window frame if you want a tall room to look more compact and cozy. They come in any color or pattern.

 Side Panels
If you have small windows on the sides of your front door, side panel curtains are a great way to block the sun and provide privacy from people knocking on your door. They can be sheer, translucent or more opaque, depending on your needs.

 Blackout Draperies
Blackout draperies are excellent in a bedroom. They will provide necessary darkness for people who go to bed early, particularly during the summer. They can also allow you to sleep longer on days that the sun rises before you do.

 Top Treatments
Valances and swags are two types of top treatments that will soften the look of blinds or shades. They can also be used with curtains that cover only the bottom half of a window to provide a soft, treated look while still allowing a lot of sun to come into the room.

At Bo Knows Shutters and Blinds, we strive to keep window treatments affordable. We give you the best price possible every time. If you are wondering about the cost of having soft window treatments like Roman shades put in, please call us (480) 495-0343 to schedule a free consultation.

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