Sun-Blocking Shades in Scottsdale, Arizona

With the hot Arizona sun shining down around your home, there are many days in the summer and even some in the winter that you need to block the strong light from heating up the interior of your house. In addition, you may have carpets, rugs, wall art, furniture and other items that can be faded by the sun if it’s allowed to shine in all year long. At Bo Knows Shutters and Blinds, we can install custom window shades in your home in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, or Mesa.

You might remember window shades from your youth; many of us had those plastic white shades that were difficult to adjust. Such is not the case any longer! We have a wide variety of window roller shades that are not only attractive but actually work as intended! We also have honeycomb window shades, woven wood shades, Roman shades, soft sheer shades… the possibilities are nearly endless. Even better, we strive to get our homeowners the best price possible. We want your custom window treatments to be affordable and beautiful.

Custom Window Shades in Scottsdale: Gorgeous Design, Expert Installation

No two homes are exactly alike, and it’s our job to find you the best shades for the windows you need to treat. We have several different styles of shades available for you to choose from:

 Roller Window Shades
Roller shades are simple and elegant, and they’re also cost-effective and hold their value well. They come in many different fabrics, textures and materials to complement any room or any home-decorating style. With so many options, you can get a unique look that makes you smile every time you enter the room.

 Honeycomb Window Shades
Honeycomb window shades, also called cellular shades, are excellent at keeping the hot air outside, where it belongs. These are great insulators, and they’ll also keep the chilly air out during the winter. Honeycomb window shades can open from the bottom up, which they do in most cases, or the top down, which is great for bathrooms and other areas where you need more privacy.

 Woven Wood Shades
Do you have some rooms in your house that would benefit from diffused, but not completely blocked light? Our woven wood shades might be just the ticket. These have a natural, airy look, and they are great in northern or eastern-facing rooms that need less natural light blocked.

 Soft Sheer Shades
Our soft sheer shades are a great alternative to mini-blinds. They can be opened or closed, and when they’re open, there’s still some light diffusion, so you won’t be getting the full summer sun in your rooms. When they’re closed, you’ll enjoy the privacy that our other blinds offer. These offer a softer, more romantic look than other blinds.

We also carry the high-quality brands you know and love. Some of these include Signature, Hunter-Douglas, Alta, Norman and Horizon Window Fashions. Because we come up with custom window solutions for each of our clients, we work within your budget to get you the prices you need on the high-quality brands you want. You can trust our company to offer you cost-effective products that will help you lower your air-conditioning bills and keep your home more comfortable!

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