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When you’re searching for Norman Shutters, Norman Plantation Shutters, or Norman Shutter Dealers, near Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, or Tempe; Bo Know Shutters & Blinds can help!  We off all of the high quality lines of shutters from Norman including Woodlore, Woodlore Plus, Normandy, Woodbury, and Sussex.

We custom measure for your windows, help you select your favorite type, style, and color.  Plantation shutters are customizable to fit the location and need for blocking sunlight and providing privacy at your home or office.  We are proud to offer Norman shutters shut as they are known for quality and exceptional craftsmanship.  Please contact us for Norman plantation shutters by calling 480-495-0343

Norman Plantation Shutters

Norman designs custom plantation shutters from start to finish. They handle their own research and development, design, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, and even packaging. These maintenance-free shutters are built to last, and they are available in many different styles and materials, including solid wood, wood composite and advanced polymer. They also offer environmentally friendly wood shutters.

Norman Shutters

1. Reinforced Stiles

Layers of wood are bonded to provide strength and is the core of the stability and durability in Norman shutters.

2. Conditioned Wood

Moisture in wood affects its longevity and all of Norman wood shutters are custom dried for where they are going.

3. Quality Joints

Durability in wood working dictates longevity also and we use the mortise and tenon joint for all of our shutters.

4. Quarter Sawn Louvers

Norman shutter louvers are quarter sawn instead of cheaper flat-sawn wood shutters for improved durability.

5. Recessed Magnets

For the highest quality light control Norman shutters feature recessed magnets to maximize light blocking.

6. Rodless Tilt

Shutters used to have rods that raised and lowered your shutters, today Norman shutters are rodless design.

7. Quality Finishing

Norman shutters are hand sanded and finished in a custom sequence which provide a rich and deep finish.

8. Fine Accessories

The options for panel locks, panel pulls, and hinges from Norman offer the finest accessories to meet any need.

9. Certified Wood

Norman shutters block sun and provide privacy and are renewable certified wood sources to protect the environment.

10. Warranty

In addition to being one of the highest quality shutters money can buy they are backed by the industries #1 warranty!

Norman Shutters Lines

Norman also has several lines to choose from. Some of their most popular products are:

Woodlore Plantation Shutters

Woodlore by Norman features a solid MDF core which is real wood in a refined state.  It offers incredible strength due to higher density.

Norman Plantation Shutters

Normandy Plantation Shutters

The Normandy line of shutters are made from the Phoenix Tree which can be planted, grown, and ready to harvested in just 7 years.

Woodbury Plantation Shutters

Woodbury by Norman offers the fine look of wood shutters but made from advanced ABS polymers and UV inhibiting finishes.

Woodlore Plus Plantation Shutters

The Woodlore Plus line by Norman is made from high quality ABS co-polymer materials for superior durability and moisture resistance.

Sussex Plantation

Sussex is the very top of the Norman shutter line and is fabricated using the ultimate in materials and manufacturing processes.

Norman Shutter Dealers

Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds is a Norman Shutters Dealer in Arizona offering all types of Norman Shutter installation services. Look no further than Arizona’s premier Norman Shutter installer to help with installing shutters in your home.

Norman Plantation Shutter Installation Services

Are you ready to check on the cost of plantation shutters for your Arizona home? We can find you the best price and handle all facets of your project, from design to installation. Please call Bo Knows Blinds today to find out whether Normal plantation shutters are right for you.  Please contact us for Norman plantation shutters by calling 480-495-0343

Norman Shutter Dealers

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