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When you’re searching for Basswood Blinds in Phoenix, ScottsdaleMesa, Tempe, or Gilbert, we can help!  Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds offers the highest quality lines of Basswood blinds for your home or office. Basswood blinds are real wood blinds and are some of the best wood blinds you can find.

Basswood Design & Color Options

Bo Knows Blinds carries real basswood blinds that will add value and beauty to your home. Horizontal basswood blinds are stained or painted, so they come in an array of colors that will complement the room that they’re installed in.

Custom Sizes & Shapes

Many homes in the valley feature windows that aren’t standard sizes or shapes.  Basswood blinds can be custom ordered to the shapes and sizes you need for your property.  Our team will carefully take measurements of the windows you want to install the blinds in and custom order for your home or office.

Color Options

Basswood blinds can be ordered in a number of shades of natural wood along with painted colors to fit the needs of any home or office.  Our custom ordering makes it possible to match the style and design of your property with blinds that fit in and compliment their surroundings.

Basswood Blind Advantages

Basswood is incredibly popular as it adds a luxurious feel and look to any office or home they’re installed in.  Metal blinds fall short in offering the same atmosphere and ambience that Basswood blinds deliver.  Blinds made from Basswood are eco-friendly, require little maintenance, are customizable, better privacy, and are simply more beautiful than metal blinds.

Basswood Blinds Are Eco-Friendly

While deforestation is a serious issue the harvesting of Basswood from sustainable forests has a lighter impact on the environment than when you order metal, plastic, or synthetic blinds.  The other options while not using wood from forests do require much more energy, work, and processing which is harmful to the environment.

In addition, Basswood is better at expelling heat during the summer than other materials. That means you’ll be spending less on keeping your home or office cool and comfortable!

Basswood Blinds Are Low Maintenance

Synthetic blinds made from metal, plastic, or other materials will need to be taken down and washed thoroughly periodically.  Basswood blinds only need to be dusted and wiped down with a damp cloth!  That saves you the effort of having to take your blinds down every time they get dirty.

Basswood Blinds Are The Most Customizable

With a wide variety of wood shades and colors to choose from along with various grain patterns you can fit your style, just the way you want.  You can also update your Basswood blinds if you change the décor in your home or office as they can be painted and stained.  That means you can meet the needs of a light and airy white kitchen or the authentic rustic style of a study.

What Is Basswood?

Real wood blinds are often made of a hardwood called basswood, which grows naturally in Asia and parts of the northern United States. These trees average around 65 feet in height and grows fairly quickly.  Commercially it is used to make everything from blinds and shutters to picture frames and musical instruments.  It is known for its dimensional stability, durability, and light weight which makes it perfect for making high quality blinds.

How Much Do Basswood Blinds Cost?

At Bo Knows Blinds, we understand that you are wondering about the cost of your custom basswood blinds. We make all of our products as affordable as possible by getting you the best price from our manufacturers. We provide you with name-brand basswood shutter blinds — brands like Signature Window Coverings, Hunter Douglas and Norman. Our company knows that by getting you the best products, your blinds will increase your home’s energy efficiency and will last a long time, which will cost you less in the long run.

The cost of installing Basswood blind in your property will vary depending on the number of windows, the sizes, and the style of blinds you prefer. According to SFGATE, the average cost to install basswood blinds or real wood blinds is around $180 per blind. For a free in-home estimate please give us a call and we’ll be happy to come and visit your home to provide an accurate quote!

Free Basswood Blinds Installation Quotes In Arizona

Get a free in-home estimate for basswood blinds installations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa by giving us a call today at (480) 495-0343. What we do is provide a consultation to interested homeowners to go over the prices for our custom design and installation services. We can help you choose the best basswood horizontal blinds for each window in your home; what works in the bedroom might not be perfect for the bathroom, and we will help you decide what products should go where. We can work with all types of windows and doors, because every window treatment is customized.

Call (480) 495-0343 today to get a free in-home estimate!

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