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Window Blinds Installation Valleywide

When you’re searching for window blinds for your windows we have the horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and sliding panel blinds you need for your home or office. Bo Knows offers window blinds installation anywhere in the Phoenix Valley including Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, and more.  When you have the highest quality blinds installed right it makes your home more comfortable, and helps conserve energy.

The Window Blind Brands You Want At Prices You Can Afford

At Bo Knows Shutters and Blinds, we can help you choose the perfect window treatments for your home. We offer a wide variety of horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, sliding panels and other blinds. We carry brands such as Signature Window Coverings, Hunter Douglas, Norman and Alta Window Fashions. Best of all, we bring you the best prices possible; our goal is to get you the window coverings you want at a price you can afford.

Blinds Company: Custom Design and Installation of Your Blinds

Every home is different, and we create customized window blind designs that will perfectly complement every room. Whether you prefer a traditional, retro or modern look, we have the products that will match your style.  We help you choose from a wide selection of styles and colors so your new window blinds compliment the style and colors in each of the rooms in your home or office.

Window Blind Advantages

Window blinds in your Arizona home serve several functions. First, they help keep the sun out, which is important during the summer, when outdoor temperatures can skyrocket. Secondly, they provide privacy; you don’t want people looking into your bathroom or bedroom windows, and most people don’t like having their windows uncovered at night when it’s easy to see into the public areas of your home. Window treatments of all types, including window blinds, add to the visual interest of your room.

Some of the advantages to having window blinds installed include:

 You control the amount of sun entering each window.
Close the blinds to keep it out of your west-facing rooms during the summer, crack them open when you need more light, or open them completely in the winter or on the north or east sides of your house.

 You can provide more or less privacy as the day goes on.
During the day, you can leave your blinds open, but at night, when it’s darker outside than it is inside, you can close them completely to keep outside eyes out of your home.

 You have a wide array of options.
From cost to material to color, size and style, window blinds come with many different options. We can help you choose the right blinds for your budget, window and room.

 You will have almost no maintenance.
Blinds just need to be dusted periodically, and because of the high-quality materials used, they will last a long time.

Enjoy your home more with new blinds from Bo Knows.  Take control of the light and heat coming through your windows and add a better level of privacy to the rooms of your office or home.  With our wide selection we can find the style and color to custom fit each of the various rooms of your home.  Keep your home more comfortable year long and especially in summer by limiting the heat pouring through your windows and call us today!

Custom Blind Types

A popular option includes custom blinds, where people want to add more style or functions to their windows. Custom blinds are an affordable option, which have minimal maintenance requirements, but is able to provide a powerful punch to appearance. However, determining the best blinds can be challenging. There are so many different styles available, colors and stains to choose from, considering a few key areas is important prior to deciding.

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Both wood and faux wood are commonly used options for window treatments that offer the desired light, and privacy. There are many available stains and colors, their versatility is what makes them so great for any office or home. All the wood and faux wood blinds we provide are created in the USA. Also, all hardware is designed using components that are all metal.

Where the hardware on various other types are created from plastic, and o not last as long in the extreme heat of Arizona. We have the needed experience with recognizing high quality products from manufacturers and ensure that when buying from us, you always get a high quality product that ins installed by professionals. Of course, there is the full guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty too.

Textures, Colors, and More!

When it comes to having an apartment or home, one of the best parts is being able to decorate your living space. No matter your preferences or style, there are an endless combination of colors, flooring choices, fabric choices, and of course, window treatment options available! There are options for just about any type of window styles.

Below are four common questions that could assist you in getting started with that ‘color wheel’:

  1. Is the space small or large?
  2. What is the desired atmosphere or mood?
  3. What colors exist in the room already?
  4. Do you prefer colorful hues or neutral tones?


When living in a sun filled state like Arizona, motorization can be very convenient. Throughout the day, the sun is able to change quickly from being nice to hot. For this reason, a motorized blind is a very popular option for covering the window.

There are several reasons investing in motorized blinds is a good idea. While they do add the aspect of luxury to the home or office, other advantages exist.

Set on a timer

When taking a trip, you can have them set on a timer. This helps reduce the appearance of no one being home for days or weeks, which thief’s look for. When motorized blinds are placed on a timer at varied intervals, it can cause a thief to move along.

Great for Tall Windows

Do you have to stand on your toes or use a step latter to open/close traditional blinds? With a motorized blind, you can do it at the push of a button.

Corded Blinds Cause Pet and Children Hazards

With a traditional blind, the cords can result in risks for younger children or family pets. They dangle, which could be caught around a neck or tangle. A motorized blind does not have these cords to worry about.

Motorized Blinds for Multiple Windows in Large Rooms

With a motorized blind setup, you will not have to spend time every day walking around the room to open/close the blinds. You can simply press a button to open them all at once, or have them setup to different buttons to open one section at a time. This saves time and reduces efforts.

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