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Plantation Shutter Advantages

Plantation shutters are the stylish way to help keep your home more comfortable. If you’re considering new window treatments but aren’t sure if plantation shutters are right for you read our post about plantation shutter advantages.

Top 10 Plantation Shutter Advantages

These are the top 10 advantages of plantation shutters.  From improving your home’s energy efficiency to being the easiest to clean window treatment plantation shutters are homeowners favorite investment.  Read through our list and if you have questions on how plantation shutters can improve your office or home please give us a call at (480) 495-0343

Keeps Heat Out During Summer

Keeping your home cool and comfortable keeps your air conditioner running all day and many of the nights.  Plantation shutters are designed to help reflect and reject heat coming from the sun to reduce the need for constant air conditioning. With your AC system running less, you save on electricity.

Keeps Heat Inside During Winter

Just as plantation shutters help keep sunlight and heat out of your home during summer the shutters can help keep your heated air in your home during winter.  The thick material and tight fit helps insulated your windows.  With more of your heat staying in your home you save energy and money.

Helps Reduce Energy Costs All Year

Clearly you will see an improvement in your energy efficiency both during the summer and the winter with plantation shutters.  Plantation shutters are  the best way to reject heat during summer and insulate your windows during winter to achieve greater home energy efficiency, and do it in style.  Even in the more mild seasons of spring and fall you can open your windows and use your shutters to meter out the airflow through you home.  This keeps it comfortable without the use of any AC or heat.

Increases Privacy

Plantation shutters are the premier way to increase the privacy of your home while still being able to let natural light into the rooms in your home.  The bottom set of louvers can be kept close to keep your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or any room in your home private.  The top set of louvers can be left wide open to let natural light into your home.

Keeps Sound Out

The thick wood material helps keep sun out, heat in, and can actually cut down on noise from outside your home. This means the sound of cars driving by, people talking, or children playing will be muffled inside the home by your plantation shutters.  This makes having a quiet afternoon nap or a night’s sleep more quiet and enjoyable.

Keeps UV Rays Out

While heat is a big component of the light coming into your home there are also UV rays.  These ultraviolet rays are hard on the interior of your home and can cause wear on carpets, rugs, wall coverings, and especially any artwork in your home. Plantation shutters are the best way to keep UV rays out of your home and preserve the condition of the interior of your home and its contents.

Improves Property Value

Installing plantation shutters offers energy benefits, unmistakably refined style, and amazing durability.  Any quality upgrades you install in your home will increase your property value.  If you decide to sell buyers will appreciate the presences of finer window treatments such as plantation shutters.

Improves Curb Appeal

Plantation shutters are visually more attractive than blinds or curtains.  This means that as your friends, family, and other visitors arrive at your home the plantation shutters improve the look of your home from the curb.  Not only will visitors see them, but you will enjoy pulling up to your house each day and seeing them.

Low Maintenance

Curtains and blinds are notorious for collecting dust and needing frequent washing or wiping down.  Quality plantation shutters are made to attract the bare minimum of dust and need less frequent cleaning.  In addition when plantation shutters do need cleaning they are much easier to quickly dust.

Health Benefits

If your blinds and curtains have collect months, or worse years, of dust they pose a threat to the health of people living in your home and visitors. When there is a layer of dust lying on your blinds or in the fabric of your curtains it provides the ideal breeding ground for dust mites.  Many of us suffer from allergies and dust is a very common allergen.  Having shutters that stay cleaner and are easier to clean will help improve the indoor air quality and make it more comfortable.

Phoenix Valley Plantation Shutter Installation

If you have a home in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, or any of the other cities in the Phoenix Valley we can help you select and install plantation shutters that will help you save on energy and appoint your home with unmistakable style.  We offer a wide variety of solid wood plantation shutters, poly plantation shutters, and composite plantation shutters. With the most sought after brands in the industry Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds has the styles you are looking for and the highest level of customer service.

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  1. I like that you mention how new shutters can improve the curb appeal of the home. It makes sense that it’d be a very attractive option, especially if your current blinds are worn out like mine are. Thanks for the post; these things could be very helpful to remember for my home because I’d like to make some worthwhile improvements and the first of those could be the window treatments.

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