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Motorized Shutter Benefits

If you’re searching for motorized shutter benefits you’re likely seeking the very best in window treatments for your home.  Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds offers the Phoenix Valley the very best in plantation shutters with motorization and automation.  Our team will custom measure, order to fit, install, and motorize your shutters.  Automation of your motorized shutters offers the ultimate in energy blocking shutters that simply take care of themselves.

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Benefits of Motorized Shutters

Adding motorized shutters to your home offers a bunch of great benefits. They help Arizona residents save money by blocking out the summer’s sun, are safer, easier to operate, and the list goes on.  Read the benefits of motorized shutters below.

Energy Savings

Phoenix Valley residents have no illusions about the heat of summer and how much it costs to keep our homes cool and comfortable.  Having motorized shutters makes it easy to block direct light during the day and then open them up for natural light and the view simply by pressing a button.  Wood shutter offer an insulation R value of around R-3 and are tightly fitted to windows to prevent convection of heat around them.

Safer Without Cords

Blinds are the most common window treatment and come with cords for their operation.  Curious children and even pets can get tangled in these cords causing injury.  Shutters by nature don’t have cords and with motorization operation is easy and safe.

Better Privacy Control

Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, or living room most of us want our living spaces to be private.  Motorization makes it simple and quick to shut the shutters and have instant privacy.  This makes bedtime more simple and faster.

Greater Convenience

Shutters without motorization are individually controlled by sections of wood connected on their edge.  To close all of the shutters in a room you’ve must walk to each set and close them manually.  Hard to reach windows that are behind furniture or higher up present inconvenient chores of closing and opening.  Many times they just stay open or stay closed.  Motorization makes it easy to open and close shutters in a room with just press of a button.

Perfect Balance of Natural Light

When your motorized shutters are automated you can set a schedule throughout the day that strikes the perfect balance between allowing natural light into your home, and blocking the heat from the sun.  Our automated systems ensure that no matter what time of day you’ve got the perfect amount of light.

Increases Your Property Value

Properties with motorized shutters are more sought after, especially when automated.  Homes today aren’t just about bigger showers and great rooms, they are increasingly sought after for higher end technology and convenience.  Your home will be more attractive to future buyers if it has motorized shutters.

Wake To Nature’s Alarm Clock

While you still might need to have your alarm having your shutters open as you’re ready to wake for your day will help you wake more gradually.  The natural light streaming into your windows acts to elevate your mood and helps start the day right!

Preserves Interior of Home

You invested in your carpet, painted walls, wallpaper, and other building elements.  The sun’s UV rays causes damage to the interior of your home and can be blocked by shutters.  Motorized shutters make the process of protecting your home’s condition quicker and easier!

Preserves Art Work

If you’ve got paintings in your home, it’s likely valuable artwork.  Whether the value is monetary, sentimental, or both you will want to make sure you preserve its condition. Paintings are incredibly sensitive to UV rays and with too much sun streaming into a room they will not last and will end up faded and damaged.  Follow the lead of galleries across the globe and invest in the proper window treatments like motorized shutters to protect your art collection.

Weather Sense Automation

There’s no sense in blocking out the light on overcast days and natural light saves energy running interior lighting during the day.  Automation for motorized plantation shutters can be equipped with sun sensors will automatically open and shut your shutters throughout the day as needed.  Best of all you can simply enjoy the weather and allow your home to manage its own balance of natural light.

Phoenix Valley Motorized Shutter Installation

If you live in the Phoenix Valley and would like to get a free motorized shutter quote, Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds can help!  We provide the very best plantation shutters, motorization, and automation to our valued customers in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Phoenix.  We are proud to be able to make owning plantation shutters even more enjoyable with motorization and automation!

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