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How Much Do Shutters Cost in 2018?

If you are searching for “Plantation Shutters Cost”, “Cost Of Shutters”, “How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost”, “Window Shutters Price”, “Plantation Shutters Prices”, “Window Shutters Cost” or “Custom Plantation Shutters Cost” in 2018, this post should help! We’ve also included the cost of plantation shutters at Home Depot & Lowe’s.

If you are searching for phrases like that you are most likely interested in installing plantation shutters on your home or business and are wondering what it will cost you. Many property owners find that blinds just don’t cut it when it comes to durability, look, or maintenance.

Plantation shutters are superior as they are wide compound louvers which are mounted in a frame and controlled by a wooden rod in the middle of the shutters.  They are sturdier than the narrow blind slats which are made from vinyl or aluminum. Read more about shutter costs below.

How Much Do Shutters Cost In 2018?


In the United States the average cost of shutters is around $2,500 dollars.  With that being the average cost the brand, construction, material the shutters are made from, and the square footage of windows affects the cost. The range of cost for shutters is between $1,300 – $3,750.  Other factors that affect cost include shipping costs, if you need custom sizes, and who is installing them.  Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds offers the best shutters at the best cost as we have access to distributor pricing.

  • Plantation Shutters Cost per sq. ft. – $20
  • Composite Shutter Cost per sq. ft. – $21
  • Premium Composite Cost per sq. ft. – $23
  • Poly Shutter Cost per sq. ft. – $21
  • Wood Shutter Cost ft. – $24

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost Installed?


According to HomeAdvisor, Plantation shutters cost around $2,500 to install in interior windows of a home.

Cost Of Installation By Window Size

  • 16×20 – Real wood $55, Faux wood $45
  • 24×50 – Real wood $200, Faux wood $150
  • 36×54 – Real wood $320, Faux wood $250
  • 36×60 – Real wood $400, Faux wood $300
  • 42×48 – Real wood $330, Faux wood $255
  • 48×44 – Real wood $350, Faux wood $270

Advantages Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have many advantages over other types of shutters, including:

  • Keeps Heat Out During Summer
  • Keeps Heat Inside During Winter
  • Helps Reduce Energy Costs All Year
  • Increases Privacy
  • Keeps Sound Out
  • and more

Phoenix Cost Of Plantation Shutters


The average cost of plantation shutters in Phoenix, Arizona is around $2,500. That price stays consistent throughout the valley including Mesa, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale and other areas in Phoenix. It will cost a little more if you opt for additional features like shutter motorization.

Cost of Plantation Shutters vs Blinds

The cost of plantation shutters is about $233 per window ($2,336 for 8 windows) vs the cost of blinds which is about $83 per window ($620 for 8 windows). As you can see, blinds cost much less to install than plantation shutters.


DIY Shutter Installation Costs vs. Professional Installers

Shutters are something that some property owners choose to purchase and install themselves.  However, the majority or property owners prefer the professional touch and peace of mind of having an skilled installer ensure the job is done right.

Professional Shutter Installation Cost

The cost of a professional shutter installation is $20 per square foot.  That means that the cost for a professional to install your shutters will depend on the size of shutters that are being installed.  Smaller sizes such as 16×20 will cost around $50 dollars.  Faux wood is a little cheaper for installation and real wood costs a little more.  For a free shutter installation quote, please call Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds.

DIY Shutter Installation Cost

If you’re considering installing your own shutters the cost will be an average of $242.50 per shutter.  Faux wood shutters vary on cost based on size from $80 to $200 dollars.  Real wood shutters vary in cost from $90 to $600 dollars.

Other incidental costs for DIY installation include tools, hanging strips, mountain hardware, closures, and locks.  These costs typically add up to about $15 dollars.  If you order them online, you’ll expect to pay between $30 to $70 dollars in shipping per set of shutters for each window.

That means with shipping, tools, hardware, and the cost of the shutters you’ll be spending about $292 per window.  For a property that has 10 windows that need shutters it’ll add up to about $2,920.

How Much Do Wood Shutters Cost?


The average cost of wood shutters is around $210 – $350 per window. Composite shutters will cost you around $90 – $210 per window. Wood shutters add an investment in your home and make a statement. Stained shutters are a great way to enhance your windows. You can even coordinate a stained wood shutter with the trim of your house, flooring inside your home or cabinetry. Wood shutters can be customized to fit nearly any home window, sliding glass door or arched window.

Plantation Shutters Cost Home Depot

The average plantation shutter cost at Home Depot is around $117 per window. Choose from faux wood or wood plantation shutters. Home Depot’s faux wood shutters cost around $106 per window while wood shutters cost around $168 per window. You will have to install these shutters yourself.

Plantation Shutters Cost Lowes

Out of Lowe’s top 10 selling plantation shutters, the average plantation shutters cost at Lowe’s is around $134 per window. You will have to install these shutters yourself.

Plantation Shutters Cost Calculator

Horizon Shutters has a nice plantation shutters cost calculator that can help you figure out how much you can expect to pay for shutters.

Plantation Shutter Cost Estimator

US Shutter has a plantation shutter cost estimator similar to Horizon Shutters that is easy and simple to use to find the cost of your plantation shutters.

Bo Know Shutters Can Help With Shutter Installation In Arizona!

To get the plantation shutters cost near your location call Bo Knows Shutters & Blinds.  We will come to your property, measure your windows, and help you choose the right style and material of shutters.  We provide the best cost for shutter installation in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Surprise & Scottsdale. We can also provide shutter motorization and shutter automation services. For more info or to schedule please call (480) 495-0343

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