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Best Window Treatments For Kitchen

In rooms that are functional like the kitchen, which is often packed full of metal appliances and wooden cabinets, window treatments could be the only source that you have for embellishment and softness for the whole space. Read below for the best window treatments for kitchens for things that you should consider when you are picking window treatments.


Window treatments help to make things pretty. In spaces that are outside of the work triangle like breakfast nooks, none are going to be better at this then having floor length panels that offer patterns and colors when they are flanking a bay window, or sliding doors. When it comes to a smaller scale, adding some flower chintz on a single window can make a huge statement. Roller and roman shades can provide pattern and texture when they have been lowered and stationary cornices and valances can be an accent mark on a window that you want to draw attention to. For a decorative effect, pick fabrics that have eye catching colors and designs and be sure to have fun with bold banding, fringe, tassels, and trims to provide a finished look.


You may be tempted to just forget window treatments in a kitchen, until you notice that the neighbors are watching you eat at your breakfast nook. When you are reading the Sunday paper, wearing that bright pink, fluffy robe with a hole in the sleeve and you notice your neighbor looking in on you, it might be a problem. For temporary privacy issues, which only happen when you feel shy in your pajamas, consider quick draw shutters, blinds, shades, or soft treatments, which will close using a tilt of a wand. If you want constant privacy, look for screening material that will let you see out and daylight to come in but block people from looking in. You can try roller shades or cellular shades made from woven or translucent materials or you can try sheer fabric curtains. Be sure to do a check before you pick one. Turn your kitchen lights on during night and then go outside and see what you can see through your curtains or blinds when they are drawn.

Light Control

Sunlight, especially UVB and UVA rays can damage your home as well as your body. Harsh, direct sunlight can cause interior temperatures to rise, dull your finishes on your cabinets, fade your wood flooring, wash out fabrics and dry out leather. In order to protect your kitchen, you need to have window treatments that advertise protection from the sun. Most sheer treatments like solar or cellular shades will state how much UVB and UVA rays are screened while letting light in. For complete control, you need an opaque window treatment. Whenever it is closed, the slats from the blinds or shutters made from metal, vinyl or wood will block the sun. Blackout curtains or shades will be lined with light stopping layers. For a bit of added protection, you can have windows with light filtering technology. You can consider installing new windows that have low E coatings, or lining your old windows with static cling film or adhesive film.


Keeping your treatments clean within your kitchen is a needed thing. Anything that is located near your sink or stove is going to soak up any odors and splatter from dishwater, cooking oil, foods and much more. The material will make a difference on how easy it can be to maintain your window treatments. For instance, you may just throw them in the washer and then rehang them after they dry. You can wipe down your vinyl blinds, shutters, solar blades using soapy water. However, it will get harder if you have real wood blinds which have to be cleaned using wood cleaner. Certain fabric window treatments like Roman shades or panels that have trim and lining will have to be dry cleaned. Cellular shades will only need to be vacuumed to remove any dust, so these can be installed in your breakfast nook away from any type of splashing liquids.

Kitchen Window Treatments

If you have a home in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, or Phoenix window treatments for your kitchen improve your property’s privacy and help block heat.  Choosing the best type of blinds or shutters for your  kitchen will affect their durability, ease of cleaning, light control, or privacy you’ll be able to enjoy.  Use this post to narrow down through your options or talk to our window treatment experts to choose the best window treatments for your kitchen.  We will help you choose a moisture resistant option that’s durable and easy to keep clean.

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